403 12th Street
P.O. Box 368
Bandera, Texas 78003-0368
Bandera Office: 830-796-3731
Lakehills Annex: 830-612-2970
Metro: 830-460-7570
Fax: 830-796-8140
Medina Annex: 830-589-2332
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Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Tax Information
2016 Proposed
Property Tax Rate
Vehicles Registration Fees
as of: September 1, 2011
Truth in Taxation Summary
Texas Property Tax Code Section 26.16
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Frequently Asked Questions Tax Rate
Land Held in Trust by
Bandera County and Schools
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of Bandera County
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Tax Forms
Land Held in Trust
Bid Form
Hotel Occupancy
Tax Report
Application for
Tax Refund

Form 50-181 (Rev. 05-12/6)
Application for Texas
Certificate of Title

Form 130-U (Rev. 08-2013)
Application for a
Specialty License Plate

VTR-999 (Rev. 10-2006)
Application for Disabled
Placard or License Plate

Form VTR-214 (Rev. 05-2014)
County of Title Issuance
VTR-136 (Rev. 2-2011)
Tax Certificate
Request Form
Application for Souvenir License Plate
VTR-998 (Rev. 05-2014)
Application for Replacement License Plate(s)
and/or Vehicle Registration Sticker

VTR-60 (Rev. 09-2011)
VIN# Self Certification
VTR-272-B (Rev. 03-2015)
Letter of Authorization


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