Garbage stations and recycling
Bandera Garbage Station: (830)796-3609 758 Farm to Market 337 East, Medina, TX 78055
Lakehills Garbage Station:  151 Ohio Ave, Lakehills, TX 78063
Medina Garbage Station:  758 Farm to Market 337 East, Medina, TX 78055
Pipe Creek Garbage Station: 170 E Pipe Creek Dr, Pipe Creek, TX 78063

Stations Hours of Operation: Wednesdays & Saturdays Only, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Collection Stations Schedule of Fees, effective January 01, 2024

Small Bag or Box (Up to 14 Gallons) $2.00
Large Bag or Box (Up to 33 Gallons) $3.00
Containers/bags (Up to 39 Gallons) $5.00
Containers/bags (Up to 55 Gallons)
Containers/bags (Up to 96 Gallons)
Small Appliances/Furniture (Washers / Dryers / Chairs / Small TV's / A/C units*, etc.) $30.00
Large Appliances/Furniture (Refrigerators / Freezers / Sofas /Large TV's, etc.)
Pick-ups and / or Trailers will be priced by cubic yard by Station Operator at $40.00 per cubic yard
Tires (On or Off Rim) Fee Schedule posted at each station

  • No Brush
  • No Hazardous Material
  • No Contractors or Commercial Building Materials Accepted
  • Limited Building Material from Do-It-Yourself Projects only.
  • County Property Owners Only
*Refrigerators, Freezers, A/C units must have the Coolant/ Freon removed by
licensed recycler and certification of removal must be affixed to the unit

Available at Bandera Station only
Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
There is no charge for recycling.

Please bring ONLY sorted material
(or you may sort material directly into the appropriate bins)

The following items may be recycled:
  • Plastic Bottles - #1, no caps
  • Aluminum Cans - rinsed clean
  • Cardboard - corrugated, flattened