bandera county justices of the peace

Additional Information

Important Notice of all Parties, Effective August 31, 2013
New rules apply to ALL Civil Suits in the Justice of the Peace Courts.  An action taken in a case pending prior to August 31, 2013 is treated as valid.  Where citation or other process was issued or served prior to August 31, 2013, in compliance with any previously applicable procedure, the party served has the time provided for under the previously applicable procedure to answer or otherwise respond.

The Justice Court must have Available:
Rule 500.3 Application of Rules in Justice Court Cases

(f) Examination of Rules. The court must make the Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules of Evidence available for examination, either in paper form or electronically, during the court's normal business hours.

Help for Self-Represented Litigants

For help locating an attorney, or to see if you qualify for low-cost or no-cost legal assistance, please contact:
The State Bar Lawyer Referral & Information Service - 1.800.252.9690
Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid - 1.888.988.9996
Lone Star Legal Aid - 1.713.652.0077
Legal Aid of Northwest Texas - (Online Only)
Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
Texas Rules of Evidence
Civil Practices & Remedies Code - Chapter 15, Subchapter E
In order for a Plaintiff in a case to obtain a default judgment, an Affidavit of Military Status and a Certification of Last Known Address must be submitted to the court.

The military status of a Defendant may be checked through the Department of Defense as well as other sites.
The court may provide forms to enable a party to file documents that comply with these rules. No party may be forced to use the court's forms. Rule 507.2, Rules of Civil Procedure, Part V
Petitions and information concerning these forms may be obtained at the following Justice of the Peace offices:
Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1
PO Box 3216
1214 Hackberry
Bandera, Texas 78003
Phone (830) 796-3812
Fax (830) 796-3814
Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2
9155 FM 1283
Lakehills, Texas 78063
Phone (830) 751-3535
Fax (830) 751-2142

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3
PO Box 1557
161 E. Parker St.
Medina, Texas 78055
Phone (830) 589-7758
Fax (830) 589-2209


Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4
PO Box 1043
1212 Hackberry
Bandera, Texas 78003
Phone (830) 796-3593
Fax (830) 796-8169
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